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InSinkErator is a company and brand name, known for producing instant hot water dispensers and waste disposal systems, generally called garbage disposals or garbage disposers. The company was founded in Racine, Wisconsin by John W. Hammes, an architect. Hammes is credited with inventing the "in-sink" food waste disposal in 1927, which works by grinding and shredding solid food waste.[1] Acquired in 1968, the company is now a division of Emerson Appliance Solutions, part of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), a global technology and engineering company which serves industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. The name is a play on the word "incinerator" and refers to the fact that the mouth of the disposal unit, is located "in" the "sink." In 2006 In-Sink-Erator changed their name to InSinkErator, and redesigned the company logo. They also released a re-engineered line of high technology disposers branded as the Evolution Series. InSinkErator is headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin.